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Nonprofit Agency Compliance Policy (51.400 series)

51.400 - Nonprofit Agency Overall Compliance Policy

New 51.401 - Direct Labor Ratio Requirements
Supersedes AbilityOne Compliance Memorandum No. 4, Nonprofit Agency Organization-wide Direct Labor Requirements, dated October 1, 2004
AbilityOne Compliance Memorandum No. 5, AbilityOne Program Direct Labor Requirements, dated February 28, 2008
AbilityOne Compliance Memorandum No. 6, Reporting Direct Labor Hours of Trainees, dated January 12, 1995.

51.401-01 - Phase-in Procedures
Supersedes Operations Memorandum No. 10, Submission of Direct Labor Data for Proposed Additions, dated Aug. 30, 1991
Compliance Memorandum Number 4, NPA Agencies’ Organization-Wide Direct Labor Ratio Requirements, dated Oct. 1, 2004
Compliance Memorandum No. 5, AbilityOne Program Direct Labor Ratio Data Requirements, dated Feb. 28, 2008.

51.401-02 - Surge Requirements Procedure

New 51.402 - Initial Qualification of Nonprofit Agencies
Supersedes Compliance Memorandum No. 1, Qualification Procedure for Nonprofit Agencies, dated June 20, 1995
Compliance Memorandum No. 2, NISH Representation of Nonprofit Agencies Serving Individuals Who Are Blind, dated Sept. 15, 1993
Compliance Memorandum No. 3, Documentation Requirements for NIB, NISH, and Umbrella Organizations, dated November 19, 1999.

New 51.403 - Nonprofit Agencies Out of Compliance with Commission Regulations
Supersedes Compliance Memorandum No. 4, Nonprofit Agency Organization-wide Direct Labor Requirements, dated Oct. 1, 2004.

51.404 - On-site Compliance Reviews
Supersedes Compliance Memorandum No. 7, On-Site Compliance Reviews, dated May 6, 1998
Compliance Manual, dated June 29, 2007, referenced in 8(a) above, on publication of U.S. AbilityOne Commission Procedure 51.404-01.

51.406 - Equal Employment Opportunity for People with Disabilities at AbilityOne Participating Nonprofit Agencies
Compliance Memorandum No. 9, Equal Employment Opportunity for People With Disabilities at JWOD Participating Nonprofit Agencies dated January 8, 1999.

New 51.410 – Processing Complaints by Employees of Nonprofit Agencies Performing Work on Contracts Under the AbilityOne Program

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