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AbilityOne Program Procurement List Pricing Policy (51.600 series)

51.600 – Fair Market Pricing Policy (PDF)
Supersedes Pricing Memorandum No. 1, Fair Market Pricing, dated April 1, 2007, in its entirety.

51.601 – AbilityOne Program Fee Calculation Methodologies (PDF)

51.610 - Pricing AbilityOne Products (PDF)
Supersedes Pricing Memorandum No. 2, Fair Market Price Determination for AbilityOne Product Contracts, dated January 26, 2007, in its entirety.

51.610-01 - Negotiating and Developing Recommended Fair Market Price for AbilityOne Products (PDF)

51.610-01.1000 - Price Change Mechanism Producer Price Index (PDF)

51.610-02 - Submitting AbilityOne Recommended-FMP for Products (PDF)

51.620 - Pricing AbilityOne Services (PDF)
Supersedes Pricing Memorandum No. 3, Fair Market Price Determination for AbilityOne Service Contracts, dated January 26, 2007, in its entirety.

51.630 - Market Research for Recommended-Fair Market Price (PDF)

51.640 – AbilityOne Program Price Impasse (PDF)
Supersedes Pricing Memorandum No. 19, AbilityOne Price and Price-Related Impasse and Dispute Resolution Procedures, dated March 16, 2007, in its entirety.

Notice of Selected Policies & Procedure Rescission

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